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Simran Sood


My name is Maria Jose, I've been teaching for more than 20 years since I started working in the ECE field in 1998 in Chile, where I come from.

I'm passionate about my job as I believe that each child is unique and special and we as educators can make a huge contribution in their process of learning and growing happily and confident.

I strongly believe that teaching from heart is the best form to connect and communicate with our Tamariki and from there we can teach, learn and grow together in such a beautiful way.

I am a mother of an almost 16 years old son whose name is Amtiri (Thinker in Aymara, one of our indigenous languages in Chile) In my free time I like doing activities like meditation, Reiki, going to the gym, reading, aromatherapy, traveling and visiting natural places like the beach, lakes and rivers.